Stuff Mx Film Festival Editions

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2016.

Stuff MX was born in 2016 with the intention of being a real option to see national and international independent cinema that is far from the national screenings of other festivals dedicated only to national short films or horror festivals that leave out all other film genres.
Our first edition was held in October 2016, from that moment Stuff Mx began its journey as a platform that exhibited international short films of various nationalities that have only come to Mexico thanks to the festival.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2017.

In 2017, it is the first year in which Stuff Mx begins to include Mexican short films in its selection, without neglecting the international circuit, it is the year in which Stuff Mx begins to take shape to present materials from all continents and in more than 20 different languages.
It is also the year in which Stuff Mx begins to carry out more activities to promote culture, master conferences with international authors, book presentations and other activities within the festival that help promote emerging talent from different disciplines.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2018

In 2018, Stuff Mx presented a showcase of independent cinema from the Philippines consolidating itself as the most important platform for international cinema in Mexico with conferences, book presentations and a great selection of national and international material that boosted different filmmakers in such a way that Mexican and foreign festivals began to select their works and take them to other countries. This is the first time that Stuff Mx begins to exchange materials with other festivals around the world.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2019.

Stuff Mx formalizes the exchange of material and for the first time sends a special selection of horror to Chile, thus beginning a more important promotion of exchange between Spanish-speaking countries, at the same time it is the first festival that has a function completely dedicated to Mexican directors. In this way, Stuff Mx ends up consolidating itself as an international showcase for directors from all over the world, being the first festival to screen in the most important places in Mexico City and reaching the most remote areas of the city.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2020.

This is the year that Stuff Mx makes its first fully live online broadcasts. With the health emergency, face-to-face activities were suspended, which is why Stuff Mx, together with FESTHOME, is holding its first completely virtual edition. Thus, different filmmakers from around the world were able to see the best of independent cinema that Stuff Mx could offer them. One of the most emotional moments in the history of Stuff Mx.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2021.

With the pendemic, Stuff Mx began to make the necessary adjustments in order to continue screening the best of independent cinema from around the world. The adjustments included that during 2021, Stuff Mx would not carry out face-to-face activities. That was the main reason why, in conjunction with Filmin Latino, they will hold an online showcase with the best of the best in the 2022 edition. This took place in November. The showcase could only be seen in Mexico so unlike the 2021 edition, it could not be seen worldwide.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2022.

After two years, Stuff Mx returns to face-to-face activities and what better place for our first show than our home, the Vasconcelos Library, that day the audience was once again thrilled with the best of Mexican independent cinema. It was an emotional return, reunions and hugs were present, the bitter pill of the pandemic began to be left behind and a new moment in the history of the survivors of Stuff Mx began. In 2022, we reached spaces that others had not turned to see, no space in the city was left without presentations, in addition, the art that dressed our festival was the work of emerging artist Mariana León. Undoubtedly a year full of surprises.

Stuff Mx Film Festival 2023.

Consolidated as the most important international independent film festival in Mexico, in its eighth edition, Stuff Mx Fil Festival presented different short films and films of various genres and nationalities exclusively. In addition to closing the festival with a live musical performance. This year we presented more premiere materials than most festivals in the country, in addition to returning to spaces such as the Centro De Cultura Digital.

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